Education, Research, and Nature

I have always been intrigued by nature and I have always loved biology. I have always loved teaching others as well and teaching biology is possibly one of the best jobs I have ever had at any level. That includes teaching middle school science, conducting outreach events with the general public, and teaching undergraduate labs as a graduate student. I also enjoy a good hike in the woods and taking photographs of all of the world.


I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Missouri working on form, function, and evolution. Sometimes I work on cranial biomechanics, particularly feeding strategies and cranial kinesis. Sometimes I dissect animals to learn how they work. Some days I model systems on the computers in the lab. There are weeks that I do nothing but read, but there is a lot to learn out there in the world and a lot of people have already written it down. I continue to get out into nature and walk around and take photographs. That brings us up to the present. There will be some interesting things to add to this in the future!


Next year (2019-2020) I will be moving into a position at Albright College teaching anatomy and doing research with undergraduates as well.


I build Legos, it's not really a secret, but if you found this, congratulations!