Biomechanics and Ornithology at Albright

Our group is investigating biomechanics through dissection and computer modeling, and, in the future, possibly more avenues! We are also interested in anatomy, behavior, and physiology of birds and dinosaurs. We welcome all Albright students to join us, regardless of your major.

Current Lab Members

Robert Schwartz

2020 - Present

Robert is interested in the tendon locking mechanism of birds and the muscles related to this function.


Brigette Amendano

2020 - Present

Brigette is interested in morphological  comparisons of the eyes of diurnal and nocturnal raptors.


Suzy Spriggs

2020 - Present

Suzy is interested in the bill tip organ, pathway of the trigeminal nerve, and neural nuclei associated with the trigeminal nerve and bill tip organ.