I am an educator and a researcher. I am interested in how the feeding apparatus of reptiles, especially birds and dinosaurs, has changed over time. Therefore, I conduct research focused on the anatomy and biomechanics of the head. My research specifically seeks to answer questions concerning the functional morphology and biomechanical environment of the palate, including kinetic movements of the skull. Understanding the impact that palatal movements and the joints that are in the head have on the ecological role of all reptiles, including birds, allows us to better comprehend the evolution of the feeding apparatus in extant and fossil animals and is of great interest to me.


As a student, educator, scientist, and photographer my goal is to enhance my knowledge of the world and pass that on to others in any and every possible way, including publishing a blog about fossil animals.


Courses that I teach. 


Recipient of Dr. Henry P. and M. Paige Laughlin Faculty Award for distinguished teaching from Albright College, 2023


Scientific research concerning functional morphology, ornithology, and paleontology. I include hands-on dissection, medical imaging, behavioral observation, and biomechanical modeling in my work.


Wildlife and landscapes. Portraits and special events of all kinds.

The image shown above on the browser tab is a model of a Grey Parrot skull painted in Microsoft 3D Builder.

Current CV (5-24-2024)
My current CV is available for download here.
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