Biomechanics and Ornithology at Albright

Our group investigates biomechanics through dissection and computer modeling, and, in the future, possibly more avenues! We are also interested in anatomy, behavior, and physiology of birds and dinosaurs and science communication and outreach. We welcome all Albright students to join us, regardless of your major.

Current Lab Members

Brigette Amendano, Class of 2022

2020 - Present

Brigette is currently interested in continuing the work of mapping the trigeminal nerve in raptors. This work will be compared to existing maps of the trigeminal nerve made by previous students in the lab as well as the literature.


Phuong Chau, Class of 2022

2021 - Present

Phuong is interested in effects of posture and gravity on dentition. Phuong is beginning a project to measure and describe the teeth of bats representing a variety of diets and a number of different families in the Albright teaching collections.

Natalie Paschket, Class of 2023

2021 - Present

Natalie is interested in all things ducks! Currently Natalie is investigating the life history of different species of ducks and working to develop a conservation centered project concerning duck diets and morphology.

Binya Zhang, Class of 2023

2021 - Present

Binya is interested in neuromuscular control and how muscles work. Binya is working on developing technical skills prior to hands on work in the lab.


Visiting Lab Members

Jaquan Harley, Class of 2022

2021 - 2022

Jaquan is currently working on narrowing their focus for the work they will be doing during the next spring. Jaquan will be doing an advanced anatomy project to better prepare for medical school..


Past Lab Members

Robert Schwartz, Class of 2021

2020 - 2021

Robert is interested in the tendon locking mechanism of birds and the muscles related to this function. Robert finished some exciting work on various raptor muscles and wrote a comprehensivea senior thesis on perching and perching muscles during his senior year at Albright. Robert is currently working during a gap year as he prepares to apply to medical schools.


Suzy Spriggs, Class of 2021

2020 - 2021

Suzy is interested in the bill tip organ, pathway of the trigeminal nerve, and neural nuclei associated with the trigeminal nerve and bill tip organ. Suzy wrote a very detailed description of the trigeminal nerve in the faces of 5 ducks, herons, and geese. Her nerve maps are serving as the basis for future undergraduate research here at Albright.

The image shown above on the browser tab is a model of a Grey Parrot skull painted in Microsoft 3D Builder.

Current CV (9-5-2021)
Highlights teaching and education content
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