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Outreach Calendar

As our program or our lab conducts outreach events I will post stills on this page. Below these I will start posting any educational worksheets or supplements that are free to use by all. Follow all of our outreach events on the calendar as well. This calendar includes events and bird-related trips that are not strictly outreach as well. These sometimes include other University of Missouri events and Audubon Society events.


Follow the link below to play games and visit educational websites. These are not restricted to birds or dinosaurs, they are universal across not only science, but education.

Common Outreach Events

Dinosaurs and Cavemen: Spring Semesters

During the second week and weekend of March every year Integrative Anatomy, Geology, Anthropology, Raptor Rehab, and the School of Natural Resources put on a large scale traveling museum with Columbia Public Schools at Rockbridge High School in southern Columbia, Missouri.

Citizen Science: Always

Citizen science is conducted every day by people all over the world. When people without formal/traditional training in science participate in collecting and analyzing data, it makes the study of nature more personal, and people tend to take more stock in the results when they are personal. Because no rigorous training is required people sometimes balk at the validity of citizen organized science, but the data generated by non-scientists is carefully examined. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in scientific data collection, getting to know people in a field you are interested in, and willing to volunteer your time, please check out my area on citizen-based science.

Traveling Pop-up Museums: By Appointment

Our labs and the department as a whole entity are willing to pack up and bring a small portion of our outreach materials to museums and classrooms. This is not something we do commonly, but we enjoy outreach and bringing science to as many people as possible, so we are willing to do this within a reasonable travel radius. If someone you know is interested in our traveling museums, please send me an email or leave me a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Soaring Into Science: Fall Semesters

Soaring Into Science is a University of Missouri Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics exposition that is held yearly at Columbia Public Schools to introduce all levels of students to a vast array of different sciences and technologies that are researched at the university.

Internet Based Science Lessons and Outreach: Always Available

I have always been available for distance outreach using Skype or Facebook and Twitter. This year we have attempted, as a department to make this available, but it has taken more time than we would have liked because of the logistics of a larger scale program. Anyone interested in online science outreach should contact me here, or the Integrative Anatomy Student Association on our webpage.