Education, Research, and Nature

I have always been intrigued by nature and I have always loved biology. I have always loved teaching others as well and teaching biology is possibly one of the best jobs I have ever had at any level. That includes my past teaching middle school science, conducting outreach events with the general public, and teaching undergraduate labs as a graduate student. I also enjoy a good hike in the woods and taking photographs of all of the world.


I am currently an assistant professor at Albright College. I work with many students on projects concerning form, function, and evolution. Sometimes I work on cranial biomechanics, particularly feeding strategies and cranial kinesis. Sometimes I dissect animals to learn how they work. Some days I model systems on the computers in the lab.


The image shown above on the browser tab is a model of a Grey Parrot skull painted in Microsoft 3D Builder.

Current CV (11-21-2023)
Highlights teaching and education content
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